Andres Lazaro Lopez

Hello, thank you for visiting my website. I am a cultural sociologist and Ph.D. student in the Applied Anthropology Program in The School of Language, Culture, and Society at Oregon State University. Check out my links below & follow me on Twitter.

I am both an academic scholar and professional research and evaluation scientist.

My academic research focuses primarily on the relationship between social inequalities, men and masculinities, and U.S. religious and spiritual culture. I have taught courses in gender and sex, cultural anthropology, women and gender studies, and applied anthropology/sociology. My areas of expertise include pro-feminist and anti-racist intersectionality (gender, sexuality, race/ethnicity), lived religion and the sociology of religion, work, occupations, and gendered organizations, and cultural sociology and anthropology. 

My previous academic work examines how religious organizations mobilize men for the advancement and legitimization of public patriarchies. My dissertation project, stated broadly, investigates the everyday religious and spiritual practices gay men of various ethno-racial background use to make sense of their occupations and workplaces to help answer questions about the role culture and identities play in navigating inequalities. 

My professional research & evaluation work includes needs assessments, process evaluations, and social network analysis. I have both qualitative and quantitative skills with years of experience using software packages like Qualtrics, Dedoose, SPSS, and Gephi. As a trained qualitative sociologist, I bring strong methodological knowledge and rigor to my evaluation work.


I currently work at the OSU Graduate School conducting research and evaluation on graduate student writing, teaching and research needs and overall success.  I am part of the research team for the Religious Leadership and Diversity Project, a national qualitative study of pastoral leadership in multiethnic congregations, ran by Korie Edwards at Ohio State University. I also do research for the Research Institute for Studies in Education (RISE) housed in the School of Education at Iowa State University. My research at RISE consists of Social Network Analysis and a longitudinal NSF-funded process evaluation of the Iowa Statewide STEM Initiative. 

I would love to collaborate with social scientists, humanities scholars, and activists who share my interest. Please contact me. 

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